Our Structural BIM Services comprise of:
BIM Outsourcing
Structural BIM Services
In fact, our structural BIM services offer Revit structural modelling and coordination to enhance structural documentation and simplify collaboration in order to hasten fabrication and construction. For the teams working on the project structure, we offer precise shop drawings of steel columns, steel beams ad reinforcement details in reinforced concrete components. With the help of our services, clients may develop coordinated model-based designs, iterate changes between design and detailed models, and see the project structure.
At Lepei, we offer Autodesk Revit-based structural BIM modelling services as well as structural designs, analyses, and calculations. In addition to all types of structures (steel, composite, reinforced concrete, pre-stress, post-tensioned, masonry/block), loading (seismic, wind), analysis (continuous beams, rolling load), steel design (beams, torsion, columns), and connections, we also give BIM structural services—engineering design—modeling (angles, panel tie-backs, base plates and bolts). With the aid of a team of experts, namely structural BIM professionals, engineers, and steel detailers who are skilled in using Tekla's Tedds, Robot, Navisworks Manage, and Revit Advance Steel from Autodesk, we are able to handle difficult designs with accuracy.
Providing Structural BIM Services to Represent Actual Dimensions and Placements of the Structural Components – Steel, Precast, Joists, Concrete, Fabrication, etc.
4D- Planning & Scheduling
Establish milestones, events, and stakeholders for the project to facilitate collaboration as well as clear knowledge of the deliverable.
Proper quantity take-off and cost projections for bidding, purchasing, and planning construction
5D- Quantity Take-Offs & Cost Estimation
Construction Document
It offers the entire S-series, including structural annotations, symbols, abbreviations, foundation and column layouts, plans and details, floor plans, frame details, timetables, etc.
Create realistic 3D models of the entire structure using the architectural designs, taking into account the Precast modelling and Rebar detailing.
3D Modeling Services
Advantages of Structural BIM Services
Sure thing, our structural BIM Services offer crucial data and information for design analysis and project evaluation. The ability to adjust for necessary design modifications and greater flexibility in design analysis are a few of the key advantages of structural modelling. The load calculation, roof structure, foundation design, retaining wall design, beam/slab/column/frame design, steel/concrete/RCC structure design, and other structurally challenging tasks have all been part of the complicated projects we have worked on.
We guarantee that we will provide:
- Accurate BIM models with the necessary LOD reflecting structural design
- Structural coordination with other disciplines
- Extensive fabrication shop drawings
Review of shop drawings as well as detailed drawings of beams, columns, joists, staircases, lintels, roof frames, shelf angles, bearing plates, frames, and wall partition supports.
Detailed Drawings
Structural calculations
As the name implies, structural calculations determine the resources required and any potential expenses associated with the work. Any dangers are also highlighted. The calculations take into account everything, including rafters, walls, and foundations. They serve as the framework for a report on structural calculations.
Link design and details together
Speed up this process for productive detailing
Coordinate your models across several disciplines
Reduce mistakes
Increase structural quality by automating fabrication and improving on-site execution
Combine structural analysis with design to get better results
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