Our BIM consulting services include:
BIM Consulting Approach / Process
Examine a few previous projects to learn the drafting processes and implementation methods.
2) Analyze
Define & document – project workflow, Revit templates, charters, quality checklists, directory structure, file naming convention etc.
3) Outline
Deliver functional training on BEP and BIM (Revit) Software.
4) Train
Execute a small pilot project as per defined BIM Execution Plan.
5) Test
Monitor and guide for the live project execution.
6) Implement
BIM Outsourcing
BIM Consulting Services
Deliver the data-driven, efficient knowledge required to create or implement the BIM Execution Plan (BEP).
To close the gap between corporate goals and present practises, we first identify organisational BIM goals. Then, we develop/formulate the necessary strategy and procedures in accordance with accepted practises and industry standards. With over 900 projects completed in a variety of markets and sectors, we have extensive expertise utilising BIM effectively.
At Lepei, we have a dedicated team of BIM professionals who are familiar with every last detail of successful BIM implementation. We collaborate with the client's goals and offer the essential data-driven knowledge and strategy required to create or adopt the BIM Execution Plan (BEP).
Providing BIM Consulting Services as per your Project or Company's Requirements
Integration | Workflow Set-up | Process Adoption | Project Assistance | Templates Creation
BIM Implementation
Standards Compliance | Execution Plans | Constructability Reviews | Best Practices Review/Implementation
BIM Audit
Integration and Automation of Process | Energy | Documentation | Steel Framing
BIM Automation
Meet with the client to learn their objectives and present procedures.
1) Understand
Let's build something
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