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We have developed a Revit model based on Pointcloud. The structure shell, facades, exterior elements, interior walls, ceiling, fencing, and MEP features.
LOD 300. Area 19 000 м2
Address of building:
30 Bramtree Ct, Brampton, ON L6S 5Z7, Canada
BIM Modeling for WZMH Architects (Toronto, Canada)
We have developed a Revit model based on Pointcloud. In addition to creating a Revit model, the location of columns, walls, doors, mechanical and electrical equipment was checked.
LOD 300. Area 12 000 м2
Revit Architecrural Modeling for WZMH Architects (Toronto, Canada)
Make a Pointcloud of a damaged building using a lidar/drone scanning
Create a BIM model and digitaltwin of a building
Using AI to recognize materials that can be reused (circulareconomy approach)
Instead of damaged parts of the building, install prefabricated modular units
Bring the building to a single architectural view
The area with damaged buildings is combined into an ecosystem
The project of restoration of Ukraine after the war.
SpeedStac - Rebuild Ukraine
The level of detail includes the construction of a detailed geometry of curved panels, for the possibility of printing forms on a 3D printer, modeling of each element of fastening the panels to the building structure.
Modeling of a lightweight concrete façade system for a 25-storey business class building.
Adress of building:
1 Park Row, New York, NY 10038, USA
Structural BIM for New York developer (in progress)
A complex of pumping stations for a mining and processing plant.
LOD 300
Adress of building: Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine Area: 100 000 m2
Structural and BIM Modeling of Industrial Project (in progress)
We created existing as-built drawings, and then based on the new renovation project, we created a set of construction documents for architectural, structural and engineering work.
LOD 300
Area: 25 000 m2
Architectural & MEP Modeling For Apartment Project
The parking building has 6 floors and is designed for 619 places. Developed sections - architecture and constructive. The time to create a beam model, taking into account the analysis of the changes made, was 2 weeks.
LOD 350
As built" BIM model parking buildings for Copenhagen, Denmark
The scope of work included the creation of a BIM model based on the Point Cloud, the creation of drawings, Clash Coordination and the passage of state expertise.
A project to replace old air heaters for the operation of a metallurgical blast furnace.
LOD 300
Area: 3000 m2
Adress of building: Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine
Revit Structural Modeling For Reconstruction of Industrial Project
New construction for the ArcelorMittal plant (the largest mining and metallurgical enterprise in Ukraine) design of steel structures and bunkers, passing the state examination. Length 800 m.
LOD 300
Adress of building: Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine
BIM Modeling and Coordination of Conveyor Belt for Coke
BIM modeling and documentation for construction, MEPFS, Clash Coordination
LOD 350
Area: 8000 m2
Architectural, Structural and MEP Design of Hotel Project in Ukraine
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