Our MEP BIM Services Include
Model mechanical systems, such as HVAC duct system using tools to place air terminals and mechanical equipment in a project. Use automatic system creation tools to create duct routing layouts.
Mechanical Systems
Fire Protection BIM Services
Our Fire Protection BIM Services is specialized in converting a detailed fire sprinkler modeling design into a 3D fire protection model. We are specialized in providing the required level of details ranging from LOD 100 to LOD 500 throughout the initial schematic fire protection design to the final construction stage.
Model plumbing systems by placing plumbing components and assigning them to a supply or return system. Leverage layout tools to determine the best routing for the plumbing that connects the system components.
Plumbing Systems
MEP Outsourcing
MEP BIM Services
Our Revit MEP BIM Services are experts in creating precise and thorough MEP modelling with the necessary LOD and in accordance with the BIM execution plan. Create models for the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems based on the building model's designated spaces and zones.
According to the design objective and as necessary for each design phase—schematic design, design document, and construction document—we produce mechanical, electrical, and plumbing Revit models. We can also develop unique, parametric Revit mechanical, electrical, and plumbing families with the necessary LOD. Depending on the stage of a building's design, from the initial MEP design (schematic design) through design development to construction documents to fabrication to construction stage, we incorporate several degrees of detailing into an MEP model (from LOD 100 to LOD 500).
We Develop Detailed & Accurate Revit MEPFS Model as per Design and Fabrication Needs
Electrical Systems
Model electrical systems to place lighting fixtures, cable trays, and electrical equipment in a project with required LOD and annotation. Coordinate electrical models with other disciplines/trades if required.
BIM Consulting Approach / Process
Verify / Check the coordinate of the Architectural model with MEP models by using "Origin to Origin" positioning approach before linking them.
2) Verify the Architectural Model
Create the MEP models for the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing disciplines, and include all necessary components in the central file for coordination.
3) Prepare the MEP Model
In Navisworks any two models are coordinated together and by clicking on "Run Test", it shows the "Clash Report " occurred between the coordinated model.
4) Run the Clash-detection
After settling problems, we refresh the cache in Navisworks and check to see if any new conflicts have arisen, which will appear in red.
5) Review and Resolve Clashes
- Reliable 3D MEP model that integrates multiple disciplines
- Clash-free MEP model by resolving disciplinary conflicts, both hard and soft
- Facilitate bill of material, cost & quantity estimation process
- Include manufacturing-specific content to extend design to fabrication
- Facilitate bill of material, cost & quantity estimation process
Engineers, designers, and contractors working in the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire-sprinkler (MEPFS) professions may very effectively coordinate and communicate design intent with the use of our Autodesk Revit-based BIM MEPFS services.
Benefits of Revit MEP Modeling Services
Load MEP BIM template based on the client's standards for each of the listed trades: mechanical, electrical, plumbing & sanitary and fire protection.
1) Load MEP BIM Template
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