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BIM Outsourcing:
The modelling, detailing, and planning of precast elements is the focus of our Autodesk tools like AutoCAD and Revit, which also take charge of the entire precast process from design to erection.
Sketches, drawings, point cloud scans, and PDF files are what we create our BIM architectural models from.
Enhance structural documentation and simplify collaboration in order to hasten fabrication and construction with Revit structural modelling and coordination.
We provide precise and parametric As-Built BIM Models and 2D CAD Models of the building's pipes, walls, slabs, roof plans, facades, and surroundings using our Scan to BIM Services or Point Cloud to BIM Services.
We convert AutoCAD drawings, PDFs, hand sketches, images, single-line diagrams, and 2D or 3D DWG files to Revit 3D BIM models.
According to the project standards, our shop drawing services deliver precise details from Construction Documents (CD). To assist on-site installation and workshop manufacturing, we use Revit to create thorough shop drawings.
According to company and industry requirements, we offer structural rebar modelling and rebar detailing services for all structural rebar connections and reinforcements at LOD 400.
Deliver the data-driven, efficient knowledge required to create or implement the BIM Execution Plan (BEP).
Architectual Outsourcing:
Our Architectural Drafting Services include drawings like Layout, Elevation Drawings, Floor & Roof Plans, Construction Documents Set, As-built Drawings, Building Sectional Drawings, and Markup Plans.
Actually, our architectural BIM services create an information-rich Revit BIM architectural model from sketches, drawings, point cloud scans, and PDF files for our clients in accordance with the SOW.
We offer 3D architecture rendering services to illustrate architectural design ideas in realistic settings.
MEP Outsourcing:
Our Revit MEP BIM Services are experts in creating precise and thorough MEP modelling with the necessary LOD and in accordance with the BIM execution plan.
In order to obtain precise electrical capacity, low maintenance costs, and quick turnaround times, we offer high-quality electrical design services for all phases of design and construction projects.
Construction Outsourcing:
We offer a 5D BIM model that incorporates the project's design, schedule, and cost. Instead of working in isolation and waiting for their turn to speak about the project, we assist project teams in participating in the complete dialogue.
Our BIM Coordination services provide clash-free coordinated 3D BIM models by resolving clashes among disciplines/trades – MEP systems, architectural and structural – leading to minimal design changes/modifications.
We provide 4D BIM Construction Scheduling Services by integrating 3D BIM models with precise information of building construction activities, schedules, and simulations for project teams.
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Why Our Clients Choose to Work With Us
According to what we've observed, our customers often save between 40% and 70% on expenditures related to hiring, training, hardware, and software, as well as other administrative expenses.
Flexible staffing
Some projects need shifting workloads and might require greater focus. We assist our clients by meeting their temporary project needs in addition.
Frequently, our clients don't have a team of designers and experts on staff to model their projects or handle design coordination and clash detection. We have a group of experienced professionals on hand who are skilled in a number of software programs, including Revit, Navisworks, SketchUp, AutoCAD, and others.
Aggressive schedules
Because there isn't enough time to add a new team member to their high-activity projects with tight deadlines, our clients choose United-BIM to take care of their projects' immediate demands.
Every project requires a unique set of skills, so at United-BIM, we have a clearly defined quality procedure (stage-gate process) and apply internal checks before submitting work to clients.
Dedicated Team
We offer a committed staff that works exclusively for one customer, making our team an extension of the client's team.
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