Why Outsource Electrical Design Services
Electrical Design Components
Our Electrical Design Services
In the process of developing all different types of structures, our electrical design services are quite crucial. Our electrical engineers can design an installation that meets all applicable building laws and standards, operates safely, and provides the electricity your facility needs. To protect human life and prevent any catastrophic occurrence on-premises, proper electrical design in accordance with industry rules and standards is necessary.
Our BIM modellers and electrical engineers have in-depth expertise in developing and simulating electrical systems while utilising the value engineering methodology. So that future running costs and project maintenance are made easier, our team works to find sustainable and affordable solutions for your project.
Access to Trained Engineers
Adherence to Industry Standards
Effective Resource Management
To Maintain Power Quality
Safe Electrical Design System
Low Maintenance Cost
Accurate Electrical Capacity
Faster Turnaround Time
Compatibility and Interoperability
Switch Board
Electric Fuse
Lighting Fixtures
Electrical Receptacle
Electrical Conduit
Disconnector Switch
UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
Provide cable sizing and quantity
Cable Scheduling
Best-in-class Technology and Software Solutions
ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch)
As per National Electrical Code standard
Sizing Service Demand
Lighting equipment designing by using Dia Lux
Lighting Design
Provide capacity and specifications of emergency generators
Emergency Power System Design
Preparation of power riser diagram from utility equipment to end feed equipment.
Power Riser Design
Short circuit calculations at all electrical components
Fault Level Calculations
Provide connect and diversified load calculations
Load Calculations
Suggestions for various electrical equipment standards
Electrical Equipment Specifications
MEP Outsourcing
Electrical Design Services
In order to obtain precise electrical capacity, low maintenance costs, and quick turnaround times, we offer high-quality electrical design services for all phases of design and construction projects.
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