BIM Architectural Services
Our BIM Architectural Services Comprise of:
Architectural Shop Drawings
Point Cloud to Architectural BIM Modeling
Architectural Component Revit Family
Architectural Construction Documents Set
Architectural Conceptual, Schematic, and Design Development
Architectural Site Plan Layout
Architectural Floor Plan, Elevations, Roof, Ceilings, Furniture, Kitchen, etc.
Architectural Revit 3D Modeling
Architectural Drafting Services
Revit 3D BIM
Create precise, parametric Revit 3D BIM models that adhere to standards and the Scope of Work (trades to be included or excluded) with the requirements and the necessary LOD.
The scheduling of the project and time-related information are provided without difficulties using 4D BIM. Accurate cost forecast estimation, automatic quantity take-offs, etc. are provided by 5D BIM.
4D & 5D BIM
Scan to BIM
Using Point Cloud scan of an existing building we produce high-quality, parametric 3D BIM models or 2D drawings. We do our best for projects involving retrofitting, renovating, reconstructing, and remodelling.
Implement precise, parametric Revit Families/BIM Content in the necessary file format with a Level of Detail (LOD) ranging of 100 to 500. (.rvt, .rte & .ifc). Design and evaluate family in the suitable version, such as Revit 2020/2019/2018, etc.
Revit Family Creation
Site Plan Layout
Design a project's site plan by indicating where the buildings and surrounding structures are located. For project approvals, consider property characteristics such as landscapes, the location of roadways and pathways, gardens, pools, and parking.
Architectual Outsourcing
Architectural BIM
Actually, our architectural BIM services create an information-rich Revit BIM architectural model from sketches, drawings, point cloud scans, and PDF files for our clients in accordance with the SOW (Scope of Work) and with the necessary Level of Detail. We also provide our customers with unique Revit content/family.
Architectural As-built Drawings
Quantity Take-off and Material Take-offs (BOQ & BOM)
Deliver 2D CAD files (.dwg format as per client's standard) with the required Level of Detail such as dimensions, annotations, layering, etc. as per client's standard format and Scope of Work (SOW).
2D CAD Drafting
Types of Architectural Drawings:
Site Plan
Floor Plan
Cross Section
Working Plan
Finishing Drawing
Section Drawings
As-Built drawings
Line Plan
Shop Drawings
Installation Drawings
Location Drawings
General Note
Excavation Drawing
Let's build something
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