Our VDC & BIM Coordination Process
Trades for MEP-FP Coordination
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BIM Coordination Services
Our BIM Coordination services provide clash-free coordinated 3D BIM models by resolving clashes among disciplines/trades – MEP systems, architectural and structural – leading to minimal design changes/modifications. We conduct several collision detection tests during the whole BIM coordination process to minimise hard and soft clashes, resulting in a coordinated construction model free from clashes. Team members can make decisions for design revisions or modifications collectively thanks to our collaborative approach throughout the whole BIM coordination process.
Prepare the MEPFP model for each of the individual disciplines and include all elements for coordination within the central file.
3) Prepare the MEP Mode
In Navisworks any two models are coordinated together and by clicking on "Run Test", it shows the "Clash Report " that occurred between the coordinated model.
4) Run the Clash-detection
After resolving clashes, we reload the cache in the Navisworks and make sure resolved clashes are in yellow, and check if any new clashes which will show up in red.
5) Review and Resolve
– Pumps, water holding tanks, pool filtration equipment, Sump, sewage pit, grease and sand traps, etc.
Plumbing and Sanitary System
– Panels, switchboards, elevators, transformer, cable trays, etc.
Electrical System
– Fire sprinkler pumps, sprinkler tanks fire shutter, smoke curtains, piping system, etc.
Fire Safety System
– External works, rooftop, and external face of a building, etc.
Outside of Building
Verify/Check the coordinate of the Architectural model and Structural model with MEP models by using "Origin to Origin" positioning approach before linking them.
2) Verify Architectural and Structural Model
Load BIM template based on the client's standards for each of the listed trades: architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing & sanitary, and fire protection.
1) Load BIM Template
– HVAC Equipment and distribution such as Cooling tower, AHU, Ducting, etc.
Mechanical System
We accompany you in the entire VDC Coordination process from the very first coordination meeting to the final sign-off meeting. We run the clash detection process in Navisworks and provide a dashboard showing the clash reports of possible collisions amongst Architectural, Structural, MEPFP, and other components. Our clash reports help the design team to make a collaborative decision over the required design changes/modification.
As a BIM coordinator, we coordinate and communicate with each stakeholder of the design and construction team to solve all the clashes, ensuring that there is harmony between the Architectural design, Structural design, and MEPFS design. We eliminate conflicts at an early stage of design which surely provide a positive outcome on the project.
Why Choose Our BIM Coordination Services?
VDC & BIM Coordination Services
- Prior to construction, identify any design interference.
- Clash detection reports facilitate improved teamwork among building owners, builders, MEP engineers, and architects.
- Since there are fewer human errors, there are less revisions made during the construction process.
- It can be very cost-effective to get precise design prior to beginning the construction process.
Benefits of VDC & BIM Coordination Services
Design Modification
Clash Report Generation
Soft & Hard Clash Detection
Coordination Ownership
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