BIM and
Structural design
Design of industrial buildings and structures:
Design of buildings and structures of a high class of responsibility, with a metal frame or reinforced concrete structures - production shops, warehouses, energy buildings, etc.
Complex creation of BIM models:
Creation of information models in accordance with the BIM requirements of the customer, using 2D drawings of architectural and construction sections, engineering sections, technology
and master plan.
Creating actual position models (Scan to BIM):
Creation of information models from point clouds laser scanning or according to the actual measurements of a specialist at the construction site.
Formation of reports on the actual volume of work performed to pay for construction stages.
Creating families:
Creation of BIM-objects of equipment and materials for use in projects. Objects are created as simplified families for Autodesk Revit or high-detail objects using Autodesk Inventor.
Modeling of engineering processes:
Modeling, analysis and optimization of technological processes for the movement of media and analysis of the work of parts using the functionality of Autodesk CFD and Ansys.
Design of residential buildings:
Design of low-rise residential buildings using a modular frame or reinforced concrete.
Performing Structural Strength Calculations:
Justification of the adopted design decisions is impossible without professional calculations of the bearing capacity of a building or structure. Our specialists perform calculations using software products such as SCAD Structure, Ansys or Autodesk Robot. The choice of software for performing calculations is carried out depending on the type of structure, its purpose, internal processes, as well as the loads acting on the structure.
Structural design
BIM Modeling
BIM Coordination
Quantity of materials:
Quality control of BIM models:
Organization of coordination processes:
Checking specifications for errors after "manual" editing of BIM models using alternative materials calculation tools such as the Quantification module from Navisworks, calculation of materials separately for sections and floors of the building, calculation of additional indicators that were not provided for by the project documentation.
Checking the created models for compliance with accepted BIM project standards, control of construction errors, inconsistencies in drawings, specifications, etc.
Implementation of timely checking of created models for the presence of physical and logical collisions, grouping and filtering of collisions, organization of communication processes and control of collision elimination.
Creation of a BIM strategy for project implementation:
Determining the goals of the BIM project and creating processes to achieve them, organizing effective interaction between specialists from different contractor organizations, monitoring deadlines.
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