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The sequence of steps for smart
grid development:
*In partnership with WZMH Architects
Smart Grid is an Electrical Grid with Automation, Communication, and IT systems that can monitor power flows from points of generation to points of consumption and control the power flow or curtail the load to match generation in real-time.
Smart Grid App
Team Size: 2
Duration: In progress 1 months
Industry: PropTech
Summary: Smart Grid development for city of Toronto
Country: Canada
City-level digital twin platform launch:
-Simulation and extrapolation
-Integrated supply of data (Big Data Collection in Open Source)
-Integration and interaction of virtuality and reality
-Visualization (3d data development)
-Accurate mapping (spatial analysis and computing)
Step 1
Extraction launch:
-Selling and exchanging data for stakeholders
-Data Management (Analysis, data validation, data processing, data-driven decision)
-Collecting data from all types of data sources (market data, meter and control data, open data, energy consumption data, appliance load data, climate data, indoor climate data, consumers data etc)
Step 3
Step 2
Infrastructure launch:
-Storage infrastructure
-Cloud computing infrastructure (AWS or Azure)
-IoT sensing and control infrastructure (meters, detectors etc)
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