Big data analytics is taking
the construction industry
to new heights.
Big Data Analytics
What Is Big Data?
Big data is any complex set of information
that requires advanced analytics systems
to process and organize.
How to leverage Big Data Analytics for Your Construction Company
Big Data Technology Transforming the Construction Industry
Advantages of Big Data
in Construction
Increase Efficiency
Comprehensive building data allows project managers to make faster, more efficient decisions.
Big data increases a business's chance of making better strategic decisions by 69%.
Companies that utilized big data analytics reported an 8% increase in revenue.
97.2% of organizations are investing in big data and AI
Reduce Waste
Accurate building predictions and material estimates
reduce construction waste and
CO2 emissions.
Promote Employee
Data collected from wearable sensors and health tracking software is used to improve working conditions on-site
Improve Collaboration
Project management
software and digital data sets promote collaboration
and increase accessibility.
Minimize Risk
Structural issues can be detected early with data-supported BIM, reducing errors and remedial work.
Data Analytics
Big data analytics
tools process, organize and manage data from unorganized
data repositories.
Management Tools
Data-driven project management software provides real-time updates on schedule and design changes.
Building information modeling technology uses data to create digital 3D models of past and current building projects
On-Site Sensors
Wearable and on-site sensors provide data
on site conditions, worker safety and material tracking.
Data-driven project management software promotes collaboration and reduces construction time.
Structural issues can be detected early with data-supported BIM.
Data collected from wearable sensors
is used to improve
worker safety.
Accurate building predictions reduce construction waste
and CO2 emissions.
Benefits of big data analytics
in construction:
Improves Working Conditions
Reduces Environmental Impact
Promotes Collaboration
Increases Building Efficiency
Contact us to find out how Big Data can be used in every stage of the construction process to increase efficiency and productivity.
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