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Circular Economy solution
(Recycling App)
Our service is for a building that is about to be remodeled, deconstructed,
or demolished.
*In partnership with WZMH Architects
This is all done within one day and can save architects and builders up to 500 hours
of work time, accelerates the process of reuse/recycle materials and goods,
minimizes construction waste and reduces CO2 emissions.
Team Size: 6
Duration: In progress 3 months
Industry: ConTech, PropTech, GreenTech
Summary: Service to recognize and reuse/recycle construction waste. To reduce CO2 emissions and transition to a circular economy.
Country: Canada
Recognizes products and materials by point cloud according to trained models using Deep Learning methods.
Compares and sorts recognized materials and goods by category, name, type of material, quality, a possibility for reuse/recycling and etc.
Instantly offers options for remodeling, disassembly or demolishing.
Helps in evaluation of reuse/recycling/renewable energy potential of materials and goods.
Associates reuse/recycling/renewable products with existing or potential BIM models.
Calculates the financial benefit from using reused/recycling/renewable materials and goods.
Carries out cross-industry collaboration and sector networks (including exchange of unused goods and recycling materials).
Adds to the BIM model reuse/recycling products from sustainable resource sourcing (partners).
Calculates transport footprint, affection to climate change, decreasing of CO2 emission.
Contact us to become our partners for can implement our solution into the existing supply chain and transform the AEC Industry with broader circular economy practices.
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Our team
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