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5D BIM – Cost Estimation & Quantity Take-off Services
We offer a 5D BIM model that incorporates the project's design, schedule, and cost. Instead of working in isolation and waiting for their turn to speak about the project, we assist project teams in participating in the complete dialogue. Our BIM model services may automatically create quantities that give the estimator more precise data with the use of Common Data Environment.
We are aware of the significance and time-consuming nature of extracting measurements and quantities from a set of drawings. The Common Data Environment, where all the project teams may cooperate and integrate their information, is the foundation of our 5D BIM model. The quantities and costs of the project are dynamically revised thanks to the data attached to the 5D BIM model, making it simpler for the owner, project manager, general contractor, etc. to control the project's budget. With the help of our 5D BIM services, you can also estimate the whole cost of the project by precisely computing quantity takeoffs and material costs for each construction component you use, including their expenses for manufacturing, purchasing, assembling, and installing them.
5D BIM Provides Accurate Cost Estimates and Quantity Take-offs as per the Design and Construction Schedule
Real-Time Cost Adjustments
Quantity Take-Offs
Cost Estimation
5D BIM Services Include
- As the 5D BIM model is dependent on the design, materials, site conditions, phasing, and other critical aspects, it requires better visual and data modelling capabilities to comprehend the project scope.
- Aids in funding decisions since the team is better able to comprehend the project's design, timeline, and cost-determining elements. This aids in the development of a solid cost estimate for the entire project by project stakeholders.
- Quantity take-offs are automatically generated, eliminating the tiresome work of manual labour and lowering the likelihood of errors. It becomes simpler for estimators to offer project stakeholders competitive bids.
- Reliable BOQ and BOM creation improves the effectiveness of the purchase and procurement process for prefabricated building projects.
Benefits of 5D BIM Services
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