CLT allows for flexible design. It is a building material high in resistance and stiffness that can easily substitute steel or concrete.
We build from CLT plates
CLT (Cross laminated Timber) is a building material consisting of glued wooden boards. The plate consists of 3, 5 or 7 layers located perpendicular to each other.
High strength
Thanks to the cross-bonding of the layers, the panel has full structural rigidity in both directions. Strength indicators are 4 times higher than that of concrete, and the weight is 6 times lower than that of concrete.
Elements are produced and cut in the factory - saving time and money on box installation. SLT panel is a load-bearing structure and an internal surface, saving on finishing
In the production of SLT panels, fast-growing wood species are used, which makes it possible to effectively
use this resource and reduce our carbon footprint. Concrete is not very environmentally friendly
Sound-vibration-and thermal insulation properties at a high level. And it doesn’t shrink yet - you can live right after construction
Good fire resistance
Compressed wood does not burn well
The CLT panel is completely protected from biological factors
Presentation from the world's largest CLT manufacturer:
The house will be warm
Buildings made of CLT have naturally high thermal insulation, as they are built from massive boards of wood-based panels glued together. Thanks to this, its use as a building material helps to save on future building maintenance costs.

With the right layout of the house, CLT panels allow you to build a structure that does not have cold bridges, drastically minimizing heat loss.
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