CLT allows for flexible design. It is a building material high in resistance and stiffness that can easily substitute steel or concrete.
8 step design & build process
Site assessment & pre-design
Site planning is a very crucial stage in the design and build process. Some things to consider are: zoning regulations, accessibility, topography, path of the sun, views, and utilities
Choose your home design
Looking to start building quickly, browse home collection online and choose a plan that best fits your needs. You can work with our architecture team to create a custom plan
Conceptual design
The conceptual design stage of a new home build is certainly vital. At Lepei, we are the designer as well as the builder, which allows for an integrated approach including an in-house team
Design Development
At this stage, we have a completed conceptual drawing that works with your needs. We detail the home, utilizing the most advanced software on the market, to create a fully functional 3D model
From environmental impact calculations to structural security and efficiency of its utility usage - our team will not only account for your engineering preferences, but what’s best for the planet
Each municipality has specific criteria that we must abide by for the permitting process. We validate what will be permitted on your lot, and we must submit the drawings to validate our assumptions
Once a permit has been issued, we are clear to start construction. We set a firm build schedule and begin the construction process
You are welcome!
Once every intricate detail of your home has been designed, built, and polished we’ll hand over your keys for your official move-in day
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