Your wishes — our solutions
Talented architects will think over every detail
Create green buildings for everyone, everywhere
We are take the hard work out of construction
Increased safety, reduced cost, time efficiency, improved collaboration, and increased productivity
Create your modular wooden house and get a price for a few minutes
Digital Construction
Increased safety, reduced cost, time efficiency, improved collaboration, and increased productivity
LEPEI allows all participants with a variety of processes to collaborate and exchange data within a shared digital workspace
Warranty and Maintenance
Warranty cases and breakdowns under your fingertips
Budget instantly
We skillfully select the lowest cost and highest performance material components for your construction. Moreover, we use machine learning to effortlessly look through thousands of options
Visualization and Tracking
Get beautiful analysis graphics for costs, labor, business processes and more in-app
Smart Home Technology
Make your home as smart as you. We offer two smart home upgrades that guarantee to make your life easier
Seamlessly engage service contractors
Simulation loads and weather
With machine learning at its core, the optimization gets better with every iteration. The customer saves 10-20% of construction and operating costs by using a digital twin of the construction and simulation process
Clear and simple app
Start designing or contact us to discuss how we can help to make your project happen
Configure your own house
Talented architects will think over every detail
We carefully consider each detail of layout and apply such principles: rationality, thoughtfulness, ergonomics, safety and environmental protection

Health and Wellbeing priority
  • Bringing fresh air inside, delivering good indoor air quality through ventilation, avoiding materials and chemicals that create harmful or toxic emissions
  • Incorporating natural light and views to ensure building users’ comfort and enjoyment of their surroundings, and reducing lighting energy needs in the process
The house will be exactly the way you want it
Individual order
We will conduct a survey of family members, take into account values and habits. Our goal is to create a place that will inspire you
Function of the house
  • Designing for ears as well as eyes. Acoustics and proper sound insulation play crucial roles in helping concentration, recuperation, and peaceful enjoyment of a building in educational, health and residential buildings
  • Ensuring people feel comfortable in their everyday environments, creating the right indoor temperature through passive design or building management and monitoring systems
Our architects
Create green buildings for everyone, everywhere
True rating
Calculation and rating of innovative solutions and materials that minimize the impact on the environment
Green building materials
We use materials that have a low impact on the environment. They are composed of renewable resources rather than non-renewable resources
-100% to 2050
Reducing CO2 emissions and support the acceleration of net zero carbon buildings to 100% by 2050
Circular economy
We are with you from planning to design, construction, operation, maintenance, management and service
Lifecycle thinking
  • eliminates waste and pollution
  • keeps products and materials in use
  • regenerates natural systems
We are take the hard work out of construction
Offsite construction
80% of our production is automated in a controlled environment, limiting issues related to typical site-built projects
Price Predictability
We easily assessed and can be locked in with High Quality Results
Digitize your construction methods
A set of standard modules are connected on the site, like a Lego constructor
Kit of parts
Lepei contain the construction tasks that guide your project plan for contractors. They never have to start planning from scratch or create schedules manually
List of contractors (soon)
Robotic lines produce elements with an accuracy of 0.1 mm
CLT and Engeineered Wood
Our benefits
  • No comisions
    Connect all participants without intermediares to help you reduce bugdet and working time
  • No losses
    No overpayments for routine manual labor
  • Save 1000 hours
    Free up time for your family, not construction
  • Instant connection and integration
    End-to-end connection to contractors CRM and direct delivers. Automatic search best price of your materials
  • Savings in operation
    Reduces energy consumption by 25%. Reducing water consumption by 30%. Effective monitoring and optimization with Smart Home Software - reducing maintenance costs by 35%
  • No uneffective operations
    Sophisticated software and process automation eliminates errors
Contact us and we can organize results for your property and Implement a plan that will exceed your needs for land development in the area
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