Lepei is a AI-powered service that recognizes objects and providing real-time analysis of data from video, photo or point cloud
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Video-to-Data technology enables us to recognize and segment any object in the video and extract valuable data and insights with big data processing technologies.
Video-to-BIM technology enables to create high-quality BIM models from VIDEO with LOD 200 accuracy in just 1-2 hours, saving up to 80% of resources compared to the traditional Scan to BIM process.
Types of data
Satellite imagery
Mapping layers from OpenStreetMap
Drone video
Mobile mapping technology
LiDAR scanners
360-degree video
4K video
iPhone LiDAR
3D data indoors

By leveraging the strengths of each of these data types, we can provide an unprecedented level of precision and detail of BIM model.
Lepei combine different type of data for significant accuracy:
Tools/Techniques stack
PyTorch, Tensorflow, ONNX, Docker, AWS horizontally scalable deployment, Open3d, Vedo, Revit
Software and Tools:
NeRF, Segment Anything Model (SAM), YOLO series, Midas, Mask2Former, Photogrammetry, SIFT, DeepSORT, ICP, DBScan
Deep Learning Neural Networks and Algorithms:
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Introducing Our Two-Step Process
Our team:
updates and modernizes your software by using cutting-edge methods to fill the gaps in your software operations;
brings your software product ideas to life, enhances the quality of your current product, shortens the time it takes to market and spends less money on development;
builds an efficient software solution from scratch if necessary in order to best serve your current business requirements.
helps companies in achieving long-term success and increases flexibility and business effectiveness;
  • Andrei Voronin
    Experence as an entrepreneur for 13 years.
    My qualifications and skills:
    Bachelor's degree
    Experience as the founder of a video production studio, manufacturing business, technology start-up
    International experience
    Strong leadership and people management skills
    Proven ability to build a brand
    Energetic, resourceful and hungry to learn
    Strong negotiations and building long-lasting relationship skills
  • Alexandr Soroka
    ML & Computer Vision
    Co-founder and director of L2labs, LLC, developer and architect of high-load and scalable big data processing systems using neural networks, lecturer of the course "Machine and Deep Learning Technologies" at the Belarusian State University
AI-powered service that recognizes objects and providing real-time analysis of data from video, photo or point cloud
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