Lepei Tech stack
Main techs rationale
Tech / tool
JavaScript, TypeScript
A statically typed language compiled into JavaScript:
• Strict code quality rules
• Reduced number of potential bugs
Nuxt (Vue.js)
One of the most popular web frameworks.
• High flexibility
• Popular
• High speed
• Large community
• Growing amount of specialists to hire
• Ability to wrap the app in native for iOS and Android
The most progressive way to "communicate" client-server:
• High exchange rate
• Reduced documentation and typing costs
Markup and preprocessors for CSS styles:
• Building a flexible architecture
• Reusing CSS Code
Popular and progressive backend framework, has a clear structure and allows to develop effective APIs and services in TypeScript
The most mature object-relational translator (ORM) available for TypeScript. Because it is written in TypeScript, it integrates well with the Nest.JS framework
The unified standard of universal databases for modern web services requiring data typing and consistency, which provides a high level of reliability and availability of data.
AWS (ECS, EC2, ALB, S3, RDS etc)
The industry standard for running web services
Most popular containers tool
Kubernetes (+ Helm etc)
Is an open-source container orchestration system for automating software deployment, scaling, and management. Must have for microservices, complex, highload and flexibility projects. We have some ready to use modules for create modern App with k8s.
AWS service to run containerized applications. An alternative to kubernetes, with simplified functionality and lower cost. It also allows efficient use of resources, solves the problem of fault tolerance and rollout deployment.
Terraform, Skaffold, Gitlab-CI
These tools allow a declarative description of the infrastructure and provide a fast and repeatable deployment of the system. It also ensures fast delivery of functionality.
Prometheus, Grafana, ELK,
Reliable, modern and popular tools for monitoring and logging. A must for project support at the production stage.
And also:
  • Git
  • MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Redis,
  • Swift, Kotlin
  • Node.js,
  • Nest.js, TypeORM, Apollo GraphQL Federation, Jest,
  • REST, GraphQL, WebSocket,
  • Three.js
  • React, Nuxt, VUE, React-admin,
  • Angular,
  • IOS, Android (Native, React Native, Flutter)
  • Microservices, Monolite, Serverless,
  • Scrum, Kanban, Code review, QA,
  • Notion, Asana, Telegram,
  • Figma, Sketch, Principle,
  • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD
  • GCE, GKE, Heroku,
  • ML/DS, AI, CV
  • Python, GO, PHP, Java,
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