Analyze visual data and get a profit
Transform video, photo, and point clouds into actionable insights for increased profitability
How It Works
Identify goals
We collaborate with you to analyze your workflows, pinpointing challenges to tailor an AI strategy that meets your specific
business goals.
Develop Solutions
Our experts design a custom AI solution, leveraging advanced
data science to transform your unique video content into
actionable insights.
Integrate & Optimize
We seamlessly integrate our AI technology into your systems, enhancing data analysis and productivity, with ongoing optimization for peak performance.
and Development
Focuses on how video-to-data solutions are revolutionizing the construction industry by enhancing site safety, improving project tracking, and optimizing resource allocation.
and Public Services
Unites Retail, Hospitality, and Banking and Finance to demonstrate the use of video data in analyzing customer behavior, optimizing service experiences, and enhancing security.
and Environment
Links Transportation and Environmental Monitoring, emphasizing traffic safety, operational efficiency, and ecological conservation through video analysis.
Smart City Solutions
Showcases how AI video analytics contribute to urban planning, public safety, and infrastructure management, leading to smarter, safer, and more efficient cities.
and Utilities
Joins Urban Planning, Energy and Utilities, and Telecommunications, focusing on city management, infrastructure monitoring, and service delivery optimization.
Illustrates how AI-driven video-to-data solutions optimize production lines, enhance quality control, and streamline operations for manufacturing industries.
Use Cases
Actionable Recommendations
Smart City
Object Recognition
Easy-to-Use Dashboard
Actionable Recommendations
Object Recognition
Easy-to-Use Dashboard
Our Technologies
Each of these technologies contributes to a robust and sophisticated video-to-data service offering, ensuring that clients receive precise, actionable insights tailored to their specific industry needs and challenges
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1) What level of accuracy can we expect from your AI video-to-data solutions?
Our AI solutions offer an accuracy of up to 1-2 centimeters, depending on video quality and environmental conditions. We ensure the setup is optimized for the highest precision.

2) Can I see a demo of your solution in action?
We provide custom solutions tailored to your workflow, hence a standard demo isn't available. However, we can offer a personalized consultation to discuss potential applications and showcase related use cases.

3) What kind of data do you need to provide your video-to-data services?
We work with any video data you have, whether it's high-resolution footage or mobile video. The essential factor is the video's clarity for the data you need to extract.
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