The digital twin of the house.
Earn more by implementing technology.
Get an architectural bureau's revenue growth of up to 50% by increasing the conversion in sales with an innovative digital service
Earn commissions up to $20,000 per project by implementing a digital twin
Simply attract new customers by increasing your value proposition as opposed to your competitors
Receive new orders for engineering and design from Lépei
is powered
by machine learning
Compare technologies and projects
Simulated living based on machine learning
Cost database
Accommodation and operation calculator
Digital construction process
Construction schedules for all stages
Testing house units for strength
Innovative platform for digitizing construction
of a private house
Beneficial for the client to work only
with you
With machine learning at its core, the optimization gets better with every iteration. The customer saves 10-20% of construction and operating costs by using a digital twin of the construction and simulation process.
Easier to attract clients
Easier to argue conceptual solutions
Easier communication and project changes
For architects by architects
We will remotely solve all the difficulties with the launch and integration of our solution. Free up time for your team to deliver projects on schedule and under budget.
Five new clients from Lépei every month
With the help of ML, we choose from our clients those that are of interest to you. After that, through the affiliate program, we transfer clients to you.
Start cooperation now
Get in touch with an Lépei professional to find out how our technology can help you earn more
Do creativity instead of
operational activities
Deliver construction projects faster without compromising quality
Construction is an uneasy compromise between speed and quality of decisions. This compromise results in a series of shortcuts and optimistic assumptions pushing significant risks and uncertainties all the way to the construction phase.
We at LEPEI believe that the software industry can do a much better job of helping the AEC industry to overcome the challenge of doing things faster without compromising quality.
They trust us
UBER for the construction
of a private house
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